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I can't tell you how pleased we are with both the Marryoke and video highlights - they're just out of this world!

Kerry and Scott at Calderfields Golf Course & Spa

Marryoke & Partyoke Prices

Marryoke & Partyoke Prices

We are THE Marryoke Company ...  but what is Marryoke? Marryoke is the only wedding day entertainment that will still be entertaining you and your family in 50 years time! Marryoke is a lip sync music video that we film during the times your guests have nothing to do Andrea lots in the evening of course! Scroll down this page for more info, then watch more in the Marryoke Gallery

Uptown Funk - filmed for Amie & Liam at Thoresby Park, Newark


    Ultimate Marryoke

    Filmed from bride preparations all day (without interfereing with main events!) with a grand finale of all your guests on the floor to your Marryoke track after First Dance / 9pm, so we also film special moments from your day. Includes:

  • use of latest steadicam / glide-track techniques where applicable for a more filmic result - looks amazing!

  • extra film chapter of video messages from your guests. (Very popular and usually features both fun and emotional messages.)

  • optional optional green screen as insurance against bad weather - there will always be great locations at your wedding!)

  • optional evening prop box of wigs, hats and musical instruments to help get guests in the swing!

  • rolling film credits with extra footage from your wedding day by the side of your credits.

  • NEW mini wedding day highlights film, showing beautiful moments from your day - online within days of your wedding while your guests are still buzzing after enjoying your day

  • we can upload your Marryoke to our website, YouTube and Facebook to share online with your friends and family or keep it private - your choice.

  • the file versions of your Marryoke and highlights trailer for you to load to your iPhone / Smartphone or store on the Cloud for technology future proofing and safety.

  • 3 DVD copies of your Marryoke in special presentation cases.

    Ultimate Marryoke - usually £995 ... *Discount available when added to a wedding film package.

  • ***** SPECIAL OFFER ***** Book your Ultimate Marryoke Package now for a MASSIVE £100 discount: £895 for remaining dates (Excludes Bank Holidays, and New Year’s Eve. PLUS FREE mini wedding day highlights! * One discount per event only

    Star Maker Marryoke

    Filmed from arrivals before your ceremony until your First Dance, followed by you and your guests all on the floor to your chosen track / 9pm.

  • option to have your edited Marryoke uploaded to our website, YouTube and Facebook to share online with your friends and family.

  • optional evening prop box of wigs, hats, musical instruments - and not forgetting microphones - to help get guests in the swing!

  • rolling film credits with extra footage by the side of your credits.

  • NEW mini wedding day highlights film, showing beautiful moments from your day - online within days of your wedding while your guests are still buzzing after enjoying your day

  • 1 copy of your Marryoke DVD in special presentation case.

    Star Maker Marryoke usual price £895 ***** SPECIAL OFFER £795 ***** PLUS FREE mini wedding day highlights film!! (Discount available if added to a wedding film package - one discount offer per event.)

  • NEW Hollywood Premiere Wedding Day Screening Marryoke

    Includes all the coverage from the Ultimate Marryoke and is filmed from bride preparations through to First Dance and Disco BUT ...

  • while you and your guests enjoy your wedding breakfast our editor will edit your Marryoke ready to show guests at your evening reception - to total and utter rapturous applause! If you have guests who like to enjoy themselves they will be in total awe.

  • Following on from the screening of your Marryoke - and we will film their reactions for you to see later - we will film everyone on the dance floor for one last play of your chosen Marryoke track and then leave you with a disco to rival the hottest club scene.

  • rolling film credits with special highlight moments from your wedding day / or scenes from the screening.

  • AWESOME priority edit - you can take your Marryoke away on honeymoon with you!

    Hollywood Premiere Same Day Screening Marryoke - £1295 ***** Special Offer just £1125 ***** (Offer max 200 guests. Please contact us for quote for larger events.) *Discounts sometimes available if added to a complete wedding day film package. Please enquire.


Hen / Stag Lip Sync Music Video Activity - Partyoke Probably the only Hen / Stag activity you will want to keep!


Why not show it at the wedding to add real WOW factor to the speeches or as part of the evening entertainment. Includes DVD / digital download option. |FREE Rolling Film Credits with fun footage film feature, which is very popular indeed!

2-3 hours filming including direction and optional green screen at one location £495 total for your whole party So if you’re a large group it can be amazingly good value!


Up to 5 hours filming with max 3 locations (subject to distance).  £595 for your whole party *NB Limited availability in wedding season so book early!

Michelle and her Hens had a brilliant time doing this Partyoke and ... plenty of time left after to go out for a few drinks! Wham ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go’ ... certainly did!.


Filmed during Hen Weekend in Bournmouth. Amazing fun times!

Stags are up for a laugh too!

  • Video Messages / Diary Room

  • Cutting Room Floor - all the the Marryoke action footage not included in the final Marryoke but still loads of fun to watch at least once!

    Or ask us to find and plan a location close to you

    PARTYOKE - Party Marryoke Entertainment

    Something to wow your guests! 3 hours coverage with bonus film rolling credits including additional party highlights montage - from £595

    PARTYOKE filmed for Patrick’s 50th Birthday ...  the guests had a blast!

    Optional Add-Ons

  • Your ceremony / speeches

  • Highlights of your wedding day

  • Complete wedding day film

  • Additional DVD copies £10 - please let us know if you’d like these personalising with a guest’s name as a featured artist!

  • iPhone / Smart Phone copy Supplied with a link to download direct to your phone (included in some packages)


    • You don’t have to be good at singing.

    • All ages join in and LOVE it!

    • We don’t take over your wedding day.

    • Most of it is filmed at night when guests want to let their hair down.

    • Hats, wigs and musical instruments etc are optional and not used till evening.

    • We’re good at making people feel relaxed.

    • We help guests to look good!

    • We bring along lyric sheets for anyone who doesn’t know the words of your chosen music track - but we genuinely think it’s better if they just enjoy themselves, rather than worrying about the words.

    • Guaranteed to WOW guests and have them talking about how much they enjoyed your wedding for years to come!

    • You choose where and when we film.

      So ... how does Marryoke fit into your wedding day?

      These are some of the possible filming times but it all depends on what you feel comfortable with:

    • either starting at arrivals for ceremony or bride / groom preparations depending on your choice we spend a few minutes with you.

    • five minutes with groom and his guys when they arrive for ceremony and after photos outside

    • possibly bridesmaids for a minute as they wait for bride

    • nothing during ceremony but we may film highlight moments of the ceremony to add into the Marryoke if you like that style. (This also means that you can choose a highlights video after the wedding if you like.)

    • possibly an odd chorus or two from guests not in the main photo shoot

    • if your photographer takes an overhead photo of all the guests we might ask for a chorus from everyone at the same time (Photographers usually get great natural photos from people having fun!)

    • the couple for 5 minutes usually after the wedding breakfast (this is often a relaxing time for the two of you)

    • main Marryoke fun with guests really gets going - we have a prop box with microphones, musical instruments, wigs, hats etc (optional so only if you agree) and we set up so guests can come along and have a go at being ‘stars’. This is often the highlight of the day’s fun for guests ... of all ages!

    • we also film video messages after the meal too if you’ve chosen that option (We find guests are really relaxed about video messages if they’re also doing Marryoke as they forget any nerves!)

    • your First Dance is announced and guests are watching you from around the dance floor. Then your DJ or band put on your Marryoke track and by now everyone feels it is ‘their song’ and they all get on the floor and sing and dance while we film. (Bonus is the DJ now has an absolutely rammed dance floor and you have the greatest disco ever!)

    • once we have enough footage we leave and edit your Marryoke and it is put online for you and your guests to see. The excitement from your wedding continues as they all show their friends and family and your wedding is remembered forever.

    • But we really are flexible to what you want and how your day progresses. We don’t take over your wedding. We don’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. We can guarantee a brilliant time ... really it is the amazing editing where the magic takes place!


      Filmed for Donna’s special ‘big XX’ birthday and played in the limo which drove them all to her party ... tears all round as she watched her husband, children and friends singing their hearts out. Bonus was how much they all enjoyed taking part in one of the professional recording studios we use.

      MARRYOKE TIPS - how to do it ...

      • decide if you want to allow any time during the day or just for the evening.

      • ideally choose a song which has both male and female singing parts or a group track (looks more believable if your bridesmaids and mum aren’t singing baritone!)

      • DON’T ask a friend to do it as it really needs skill to plan the shots, locations and as for the editing .... takes AGES to get the lip sync and that truly professional feel ... although guests will be great as Marryoke stars!

      • We recommend that bridesmaids, Best Man and ushers have a copy of your Marryoke song lyrics in advance - or a link to the song online.

      • Songs with a chorus and a good beat or’ air guitar’ opportunities work well for the oldies and guests who just don’t know the lyrics at all..

      • Tell your DJ about your Marryoke - we like to ask him / her to play the track right after the First Dance and get everyone on the dance floor for ultimate fun.

        Contact us or call 01283792664 / 07974827871 / email info@electrafilms.co.uk for more details or to book your wedding fun entertainment now!

        Marryoke videos are subject to UK copyright law. Your Marryoke is supplied with the understanding that if you make additional copies they may require licensing, available through PRS.

        * Terms & Conditions for Marryoke are available here.

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