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We went straight to Claire's mom's and got my folks up too for the first viewing and everyone absolutely loved it.

Claire and Nick Rodic

Marryoke FAQ

Marryoke FAQ

What is Marryoke?
Marryoke is unique wedding entertainment for your guests that you get to keep. Marryoke is a lip synch wedding music video and once they know their voices won’t be in the final video then all ages enjoy having a go! Our oldest lady so far was 94 and our oldest gentleman? A very young 92!

p> What if I can’t sing?
That’s fine cos it’s a lip sync video - it’s NOT Karaoke. That’s why guests all enjoy it ... they know their voices won’t be in the edited Marryoke haha!

Should we tell the guests and get them to learn the words?

We’d say don’t! They won’t learn it and it would probably put them off too as they imagine all sorts of strange horrors! If you want to tell your immediate family and bridal party - bridesmaids, Best Man and ushers then go ahead but definitely best not to send out song sheets and telling everyone. Leave it to us - it’s fun entertainment and we have the music and lyrics so jsut chill and prepare for MEGA fun!

Will it take over my wedding day?
Absolutely NOT!  Because we have years of experience of filming weddings we understand how to fit into your day - Marryoke will be when guests are not doing anything and of course ... LOTS in the evening. And we don’t bring out the fun props till the evening so you won’t have a romantic photo with an inflatable guitar behind you haha!

How do you organise it then?

Can we chat about this? Call us on 01827 373 120 from 8am-11pm! (Would hate to give the competition all our secrets!)

I want to do it and my partner likes the idea for the guests but not for him. Does that make it difficult?
No problem - we can be totally flexible and your partner can still be in the final video using natural shots ... or not at all. Your choice all the way, but we will make him look good, promise!

What if guests don’t know the song we’ve chosen?

We’ll have the music to play and lyrics to show / call out to them. It’s easy when you know how ... and ... we do!!

Can we choose whatever track we like?
Of course! Helps if there is a bit of repetition and a tune that’s easy to sing along to but if you know that your guests love an unusual track then that’s fine by us.

How long after our wedding will our Marryoke be edited?

We edit in order of filming and while in high season delays are possible in 2015 we turned most around in 6-8 weeks - or sooner in many cases. *If there is an urgent reason for faster turnaround then ask us about Priority Editing. Everything’s sortable!

Do you do Marryokes filmed before the day?

We LOVE pre-wedding Marryokes. Gives us a chance to be really creative! Ask to see some of our hen / stag Marryokes. This pre-wedding Marryoke was filmed as a surprise for the Bride to show at the wedding to RAVE reviews!

How about for parties?

Absolutely - and not forgetting Partyokes and Corporate Event Partyokes. They are AMAZING! How about this 50th Birthday Partyoke?!

How much is it?

Prices for our most popular packages are on the Marrryoke Prices Page but if it’s for something not covered then just ask :)

Do you cover our destination?

Yes! one of the bonuses of our job is that we get referrals all over the country (and Europe) so yes if we’re not booked already, we’ll be there! Follow this link to a Hen Partyoke in Bournemouth

HELP! My question isn’t here!

Call us on 01827 373 120 from 8am-10pm / email info@electrafilms.co.uk or contact us

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