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Now we've watched the film we'd be really upset not to have it.

Stuart and Helen Ryman

tribute films

tribute films

We are delighted to introduce our Biography Tribute Films: the ideal gift for a special birthday, to pay tribute to a special achievement or to honour a family member no longer with you so younger generations will remember them forever.

Your Tribute Film can include any or all of the following elements:

  • Opening titles with special life dates.

  • Photo montage - slideshow of photos from the star of the film’s life, shown in the latest style where you move around the pictures.

  • Film from old family footage (including cine or VHS footage).

  • Film taken by us of important places in their life.

  • Film interveiws and tributes with the ‘star’,family and friends.  (Audio without pictures can be used if preferred.)

  • Further photo slideshow taken from film..

We also like to include any of your own ideas and your Tribute Film can be shown on a special large screen at the function or event of your choice.

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